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lonely_emogirls's Journal

heart is on the floor
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this is a community for all you little emo girls who need to vent or talk. whichever. talk about bands, people, guys, music, etc.
please no rude remarks! guys if you want you can join to, give us some damn support!!!

"let me take this awkward saw, and run it agaisnt your thighs. cut some flesh away. i'll carry this piece of you with me. because all i can say tonight is i hate you. but it would be all right. if we could see eachother, sometime. if i could somehow make you mine..... and if not i'll take my rusty spoons. and dig out your blue eyes. i'll swallow them down to my colon. they're gonna burn like hell tonight. because your beautiful just not on the inside. light comes from within, and your beaming eyes dont seem so bright...heart is on the floor, why dont you step on it? when i think of all the things you've done.
boardwalks and breaking waves. made our saturdays. i'd buy you lemonade right now. if you were here. but then i;d throw it in your face. and i'd listen to you cry. and i'd remember how i miss our nights under ocean skies.
you and i are like when and the ocean floor collide."
saves the day- rocks tonic juice magic

PS. give me some bands to add to the intrests and i will add them.